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Connect your wallets, tokens and dApps in new ways with powerful automations


Use cases

  • Send emails from smart contracts with 1 line of code

  • Track prices and set alerts on Uniswap or any other liquidity providers 

  • Track MakerDAO’s Collateralization levels and liquidations 

  • Track tokens’ trades, supply, minting and burning 

  • Build bots interacting with DeFi, DEXs and gambling contracts 

  • Track your trades’ history on DEXs to be tax compliant 

  • Get notified about urgent (high gas) or whale transactions 

  • … build any app connected to Ethereum! 

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We envision a flawless interaction between decentralized and centralized technologies where developers and companies alike can decide what solution to adopt depending on which components need to be trustless.

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How it works

Create customised triggers… using our web wizard (no coding required!) or GraphQL APIs.
We are the opposite of an oracle!

WATCH the state of any Ethereum contract
WATCH any event
WATCH any transaction
SEND data to a webhook
SEND an email
POST a message on a Slack channel
SEND a message on Telegram
TWEET on Twitter

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