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Christopher Kocurek

February 20, 2023

Get Alerts on DeFi Yields | HAL Partner Integration with DeFiLlama

DeFi yield farmooors have a powerful new tool to track yields real-time directly from the DeFiLlama yield dashboard.

Get Alerts on DeFi Yields

Get Alerts on DeFi Yields | HAL x DefiLlama

  1. Introduction
  2. What is DeFiLlama?
  3. What is HAL?
  4. How to Set it Up
  5. Final Notes

1. Introduction

It’s late at night and the screen glows blue. You should have been asleep an hour ago. Yet here you are, prowling for DeFi gems.
You’re confronted with a seemingly infinite field of opportunity for Yield Farming, ranging from slow, steady APY in safe stablecoin LPs to eye-popping chances to scoop >1000% yields by risking your initials providing liquidity for coins you’ve never even heard of. Staying on top of the next big opportunity in yield farming is a never-ending task, further complexified by an ever-increasing number of chains and protocols that lure your capital into their TVL with mouth-watering APY. At last, you find it. A reasonable yield farm. A “modest” 400% APY by providing liquidity to a small-cap token paired with WETH. The price is right, and the chart looks good! You provide liquidity, stake the LP tokens on Sushiswap, and disconnect for the night. Oh no! While you were at work the next day the APY plummeted to 50% and yield farmooors who noticed this before you exited their position. You’re now holding your tokens at a 30% loss.
It’s impossible for you to constantly monitor the status of yield APYs all the time, leading to losses that could have probably been avoided. If only there was some tool that would let you know when the APY of your position changed; and it would be even better if you could just get alerts when a tasty new yield farm entered the space. This problem has just been solved for Web3 yield farmers. HAL Notify is now integrated directly into the front-end of DefiLlama’s Yield Farming Dashboard, making it a one-stop-shop for users to look for new opportunities and set up conditional crypto alerts to get real-time notifications on new opportunities, changes on their positions, and more!

2. What is DefiLlama?

If you’re reading this and wondering why we’re talking about a South American camelid, here’s a quick rundown. DefiLlama is a website that provides information on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and their associated projects. It allows users to monitor and compare DeFi protocols based on a range of metrics, such as TVL (total value locked), trading volume, and liquidity.
DefiLlama's primary users are those interested in DeFi and its associated projects. These users could include traders, investors, developers, researchers, and anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the DeFi space. Defillama can be used to analyze the performance of different DeFi protocols, identify trends, and make informed investment decisions.
Recently, DefiLlama has built a very useful dashboard for “Yields”. Yields gives you information on all sorts of yield earning opportunities, ranging from a multi-chain, poly-protocol table under “Pools” to a list of “Halal” defi yield opportunities. Amazing. But in order to take advantage of the DefiLlama Yield dashboard, traders and investooors still need to track positions, watch for new opportunities, and make sure they’re getting out of existing farms before the barn door shuts and they are left holding bags.

3. Enter HAL.

Hal.xyz is a web3 platform that provides real-time notifications for various DeFi events. It allows users to set up customized alerts for a range of DeFi activities, such as liquidations, deposits, withdrawals, and more.
With Hal.xyz, users can monitor their DeFi positions and receive instant notifications when certain conditions are met. For example, users can set up alerts to notify them when their collateralization ratio falls below a certain level or when a specific DeFi protocol experiences a sudden surge in volume. This can help users make informed decisions about their DeFi positions and react quickly to changing market conditions.
Hal.xyz is compatible with a range of DeFi protocols, including Aave, Compound, MakerDAO, and Uniswap, among others. It is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to set up and manage their alerts.
Overall, Hal.xyz is a useful tool for anyone who is active in the DeFi space and wants to stay informed about the latest developments and market conditions. Its integration with Defillama's yield dashboard adds another layer of functionality to Defillama's platform, allowing users to receive notifications about their DeFi positions while also monitoring DeFi protocol metrics.

How to Set Up Alerts for DefiLlama’s Yield Dashboard

Enough chitchat. You’re here to farm. If you’re someone who wants to set up real-time notifications for yield farming opportunities displayed on the DefiLlama dashboard, here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Visit DeFi Llama’s Yield Dashboard.

Visit DeFi Llama’s Yield Dashboard
Impressive. Very nice. A display of extremely valuable information, all in one place. 

Step 2: Hit Subscribe

Simply click the Subscribe button on the horizontal navbar. We've circled it in red in the image just above this step.

Step 3: Use HAL

Now that you’re on HAL, you can set up your custom notification. Once you choose the conditions of your alert, you’ll also be given the option to choose where you want the notification to ping you. You can choose from a list of Email, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Slack, or Webhook.

Step 4: Set it and forget it - ways to use this notification recipe

  • Monitor the status of a yield farm you are in already. Under Token Filter, choose your token pair, specify the position by chain or project, and then set the conditional alert threshold based on a range of APY.
  • Every farmer deserves to be the early bird: get notified on new high APY opportunities in just a few clicks by leaving all filters default, but setting a minimum APY threshold that makes sense for you. This lets you get updates whenever a new farm opens with yields above n%.
  • Monitor for high TVL Plays… face-melting APY is great, but that usually means the TVL is very low for players with significant portfolios to enter. If you need to move serious bags then try setting a TVL filter so you can be the first whale to know about a new opportunity.
  • Customize at will! If you’re an ETH maxi, only interested in narratives like LSDs or ZK, or just want to farm on a particular platform, the combined power of HAL and DefiLlama can provide you with real-time alerts to give you an edge.

Final Notes

One of the main challenges in DeFi investing is staying on top of rapidly changing market conditions and trends. With so many DeFi protocols and yield opportunities available, it can be difficult to monitor everything and identify the most promising investments.
The type of person who would benefit from using Hal's notification tool to receive alerts about yields published to Defillama is likely someone who is actively involved in DeFi investing and trading. This could include professional traders, institutional investors, and individual investors who are interested in maximizing their returns from DeFi investments.
This is where HAL's notification tool comes in. By setting up customized alerts for yields published on Defillama, investors can quickly identify the most promising opportunities and take advantage of them before they disappear. For example, an investor who is looking for high-yield opportunities could set up an alert for when a particular DeFi protocol's yield surpasses a certain threshold. This would allow them to quickly move funds into that protocol and capitalize on the high yield.
Overall, HAL's notification tool solves the problem of information overload in the DeFi space. By providing real-time alerts for key market events, investors can stay informed and make better-informed investment decisions.
Go ahead and try it out today - it's totally free and available here.

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