HAL joins ConsenSys. Read the announcement 🎉

Marco De Rossi

Marco De Rossi

February 21, 2023

HAL Joins ConsenSys

It’s official: HAL is joining ConsenSys 🎉🎉🎉

The lighthouse shines on a bigger sea

It’s official: HAL is joining ConsenSys. In case you aren’t familiar, ConsenSys is the world’s leading Ethereum software company created by a co-founder of Ethereum, Joe Lubin. ConsenSys will gain access to HAL's technology to expand strategic offerings for the diverse Web3 market. This is great news - and our current customers will still continue to receive the same level of service and support they enjoy today, with no product or pricing changes planned for now. When our team struck out into the choppy waters of the Web3 in 2020 to create HAL, we were bound by the shared vision of a world that leverages the value of both decentralized and centralized technologies. Despite the dreams in our minds and the fire in our bellies, we never would have imagined our product would be adopted by the same parent company that has Metamask and Infura.
Since the publication of our business thesis, The Gluing Manifesto (which we will summarize down the page), HAL has served over 20,000 Web3 end users and provided developer tooling to dozens of projects. Our product integrations are featured on some of DeFi’s biggest names like Aave, Snapshot, Bancor and many more, including a recently released feature on DefiLlama.
As early Web3 adopters, we set out to solve the problems we faced, starting with things like getting social media or email alerts when DeFi positions were at risk. We are strong believers in the value of a decentralized future.
Our mission: make Web3 easier to use for individuals and simpler to build for developers.
How does this tie into the mission of ConsenSys? To quote, “Our mission is to enable that progress by building platforms, applications, and tools for Web3.0…”
Now, we are one step closer to improving the Web3 life of not just 20,000 people, but millions.
Hal's Ecosystem
The HAL team and our products are joining the ConsenSys network within the Infura product organization on February 22, 2023. Our products will stay active while we plan first-party integrations into the Infura stack.

So, how did we get here?

In 2020, the HAL co-founders published The Gluing Manifesto. The thesis was simple: an optimal future requires enmeshing decentralized technology and centralized technology because you don’t always need a decentralized network for an application.
In practice, this led to the development of HAL Notify, a non-custodial digital asset management tool that provides lightning-fast alerts to end users via centralized Web2.0 platforms like email or Twitter.
Our Manifesto
Here’s a summary of our Manifesto:
1 - Centralized isn’t evil, if it’s replaceable and not custodial
2 - Let’s focus on how decentralized can help — instead of “defeat” — centralized. And vice versa
3 - Let’s think of centralized and decentralized as a single tech landscape and soon as a single community of developers
4 - Old fashioned developers are our friends! Let’s spend more time building tools to help non-crypto devs to access the decentralized world without having to fully understand it first (99% of web developers don’t know how exactly HTTP works. To scale Ethereum we should get to a similar point)
5 - Let's use legitimate Gluers technologies. They are efficient, secure, replaceable… and there is a need for them!
6 - Done is better than perfect. Adopted is better than 100% decentralized. Let’s avoid decentralization maximalism
7 - Let’s build stuff!
Our mission to make blockchains easier to access for everybody played out among a few common themes. Let’s be inclusive toward Web2 folks, let’s make sure centralized tech stacks aren’t custodial, and let’s make useful tools that help everyone operate on-chain.
We are proud to be joining Infura team, who innovated cloud-based, auto-scaling RPC endpoints. Without Infura, Web3 would not be as developed as it is today. This is an excellent opportunity for us to work with people who share a similar mission and layer our expertise as leading no-code, UI-centric blockchain developers into the world’s most popular RPC platform.

The Team

Building wasn’t easy! Our team is from all over the world, each with their own culture and perspective. We believe that the strength of our product is a result of the efficiency of this newly popular team model, especially possible thanks to Web3: hire the best, wherever they are.
We have had a fascinating, talented crew from every continent (except Antarctica) contribute and our current staff represents Italy, Hungary, Iceland, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.
Our team is joining the Infura team within the ConsenSys umbrella. Get ready, Infura - we are here to make shit happen!

What will this do to our products?

If you are a user of HAL products, rest easy. Our no-code solutions for blockchain notifications or event-triggered data pipelines are staying active.
In short, Hal.xyz is remaining live, but expect future product updates to be announced and integrated with ConsenSys’ products.

Final Thought

They say startup life is like a roller coaster; for us, it has been akin to deep-sea sailing on a skiff. When we reached the peaks we saw that anything was possible, anywhere as an achievable destination. Through concerted effort, shared belief, and passion HAL reached an excellent position serving tens of thousands of Web3 users with valuable notifications; we were featured in some of the largest dapps and are (even now) about to launch an integration with a major industry player. Our strong user growth and industry-leading no-code, UI-centric developer tools have proven the value of the thesis in the Gluing Manifesto, and now we are excited to share this technology with a larger audience.
We built HAL to make the journey through the waters of Web3 a little easier. Our new mission is to deliver on that mission by developing best-in-class blockchain automation and low-to-no-code development tools for millions of Web3 users.
The Hal Team

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