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Snapshot spaces improves DAO governance participation

hal Notify allows DAO participants to receive notifications whenever a proposal is created, deleted, starts or ends in the DAO’s Snapshot space

Hal x Snapshot

hal Notify brings down the time required to vote for a proposal to under 1 min!

Snapshot is a decentralized voting system. It supports various voting types to cater to the needs of DAOs. Creating proposals and voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain. Its mission is to increase participation in decentralized governance. Nathan explains further, “ Participation in governance is fundamental to building an internet built on decentralization. If people are not voting with their tokens, then what are we building?”


Snapshot spaces using HAL plugin


Number of notifications set up for Snapshot spaces

If a token’s utility is to provide a share in governance, it follows that the theoretical value of that share decreases in value when users do not participate in governance events. Governance Engagement leads to more valuable product updates and may help with longer-term holding.
The challenge is to make voting easy for the retail token holders, and give them what Nathan defines as “freedom of information”. Nathan observes, “it takes an individual DAO user over 20 minutes to find a proposal, research about it, and vote.”
The average web user's attention span is only 8 seconds. For crypto natives, it’s probably even shorter. There is a need to help push relevant information about governance votes to users wherever they are online.
With Hal, a user can set up notifications to monitor the Snapshot spaces of their interest. Hal Notify allows users to receive alerts when a governance proposal is created, deleted, starts, or ends in a DAO’s Snapshot space. The app allows users to receive alerts on Telegram, Discord, Slack, email, Twitter, or by calling a web hook. With notifications, a user can get a notification about any update to their favorite space and vote on it all within one minute!

Half our job is to improve participation. Notifications are a great way to do that”

Nathan Van Der Heyden

Nathan VDH

Ecosystem lead, Snapshot Labs

Many DAOs also have a channel on their Discord server dedicated to alerts about their governance proposals. They use hal Notify to keep this channel updated in real-time. Nathan mentions, “Some of the biggest spaces already use Notify. All DAOs would benefit from a Discord channel with the direct feed of proposals coming in.”

Building with Notify

To support notifications for Snapshot, hal Notify integrated Snapshot as a new data stream into its workflow and pipeline system. Snapshot’s architecture is unique because it is a hybrid of on-chain and off-chain data systems. It was a tricky assignment for both the teams, due to the input data being partially off-chain.
With notifications being so important to DAO engagement, why didn’t Snapshot consider building them internally? Nathan replies, “Composability is key to Web3. You guys are doing a fantastic job! Why would we not use your product? We also intend to collaborate with Hal for providing notifications for Snapshot X, our new deployment on StarkNet”.

It’s Easy to Get Started

DAOs need to keep their users voting and protect their treasury. Implementing a custom notification solution is often not an option, despite the great benefit it yields to governance participation. To help the DAO community, Snapshot Labs and HAL teamed up to create a solution. Now, DAO participants without any coding experience can quickly and easily set up alerts for the things that matter most. The biggest DAOs on Snapshot spaces are using Hal to streamline governance notifications to their users due to its ease of implementation. No engineer required!
Do you have an idea for a useful notification? Try out HAL Notifications today for free! If we don’t support the protocol you are interested in, just get in touch with our team.

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