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Serving Decentralized Users Notifications

How hal Notify helped Liquity provide critical updates to their users.

Hal x Liquity

Avoid liquidations with hal Notify

Liquity allows the user the benefit of highly efficient capital allocation by allowing for a target C-ratio of 110% for the trove. A user’s position will get liquidated when the trove’s C-ratio falls below 100%. With massive fluctuations in ETH prices, even the most vigilant user cannot always avoid liquidations. To solve this, Liquity worked with Hal to develop an alert that notifies a user about the C-ratio of their trove.
To interact with the Liquity Protocol, users access one of the many front ends that are available to interact with the decentralized protocol.
Liquity has 2 Collateralization ratios to monitor, the individual “trove” ratio and the overall system ratio. If the C-ratio of the whole Liquity system falls below 150%, every user with a C-ratio less than 150% is at risk of being liquidated (an increase from the 110% when the system is working normally). To ensure that you are forewarned, hal allows you to set another alert to track Liquity’s System C-ratio.
On being asked why hal was the optimal notification solution for Liquity and its users, Sam mentioned that hal was easy to use, simple to integrate, and built keeping in mind the principles of maximum decentralization.

We like that there is no KYC to start using HAL. You only add your trove’s address to set up alerts. We are decentralization maximalists, and so are our users.



Head of Growth at Liquity

Notifications as a feature

We asked Sam, “How can hal Notify help Liquity front ends achieve their goals?” Simply put, why should front ends integrate with us? 
Front ends charge users a percentage of their Liquity rewards as a fee for using their platforms. Richer features help the front-end projects get more users and improve their profitability. Users would find projects with tracking and notifications more valuable because they offer improved risk management. Instant notifications sent when it matters to users helps protocols provides value. This builds the customer satisfaction, loyalty, and helps facilitate word of mouth.

Building with hal

Hal's recipes for Liquity were the first to be deployed via the hal API. Liquity shared inputs around the alerts that would be useful to their users to help us build recipes relevant to their content.
“One of our developers ran a test to see how the integration would work. It worked without a hitch - APIs you have built worked seamlessly.”
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