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⛓ HAL #11: HAL goes Multichain ⛓

Gluers in a Multichain Future

When in 2020 we wrote the Gluing Manifesto we set up a vision for a future where centralized and decentralized technologies would work together, each building on their own peculiar strengths. More than a year on, we’re proud to say that HAL has started to fulfill this vision, with more than 5,000 users (and quite a few businesses) relying on it daily to bridge the gap between dApps and the web 2.0. 🚀
In the past few months, however, another trend became increasingly relevant: today it seems obvious the future of blockchain technology won’t be a winner-take-all world. Just like we don’t have a single “winning” technology in the centralized world, the future will see a proliferation of more vertically focused blockchains, each targeting specific use cases, with different degrees of interoperability.
This is why we need gluers, like HAL, more than ever: to connect the web 2.0 and different blockchains in a single technological landscape.

HAL goes Multichain

Today we’re excited to announce that HAL has taken the first steps towards being fully multi-chain, expanding our technology to fully support for PolygonxDai and Binance Smart Chain.
This means you can already start creating the triggers you love from HAL on Polygon, xDAI and BSc, just like you would do on Ethereum. For our basic triggers — such as Watch an Event, or Watch a Contract — it’s as simple as selecting a different chain from a dropdown menu.
We also created or upgraded a few recipes to support Polygon and Binance. With Track Token Transfers, for instance, you can monitor (or spy on!) any wallet you like, in real time, for any ERC20/BEP20 transfer (not just ETH transactions!)
…or you can track your Health Factor on Aave Polygon, as well as monitoring the different rates for borrowing and depositing different assets:
We also released a set of three new recipes for Sushiswap, that you can now use to:
All these Sushiswap recipes are ready to be used on Ethereum, Polygon and BSc.

A Multichain future

We’ve just started. In the next few weeks we have ambitious plans for extending HAL to all the chains that matter — which paves the way for new collaborations with awesome projects, and builders. The future is bright, and HAL is ready.

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