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HAL #12: pricing page, new Polygon recipes (Curve, Balancer, QuickSwap) and DAO tools

We are excited to announce some new features on HAL:
  • DAO tools
  • New Polygon RecipesNew Polygon Recipes
  • Flexible pricing for busy crypto peopleFlexible pricing for busy crypto people
Also, we just crossed the 6,000 users mark and we’re hiring!!
Exciting challenges lie ahead—get in touch if you want to help us build the future of gluers!

🏋️‍♂️ Flexible pricing for users

We have a new pricing plan which enables you to tailor your plan to your own needs. Need more than the standard 300 matches per month? Upgrading only takes a minute.

🔖 New Polygon recipes! Curve, QuickSwap and Balancer

Thanks to our partnership with Polygon, you can now build new workflows with Curve, QuickSwap and Balancer.
  • Curve Finance is one of our favorite exchange liquidity pool designed for extremely efficient stablecoin trading. It currently has a huge MATIC liquidity mining program for its liquidity pools on Polygon. With our new Curve/Polygon tools, you can now enjoy this alpha:
  • QuickSwap is a community-focused endeavor, like HAL. But it has also now become the largest Polygon DEX with $700m TVL and more than $200m daily volume on the network. So we’ve built QuickSwap/Polygon tools to magnify your experience:
  • Balancer liquidity mining committee is focusing on index-like pools on Polygon to emphasize their unique value proposition on L2. So we follow the alpha and serve you with the rights Balancer/Polygon tools:

🛠 Easy monitoring and automation for DAOs

No matter the size of your DAO, keeping your community engaged is critical to achieve true governance decentralization. That’s why we’re excited to unveil a new partnership with Snapshot to bring automation to DAO proposals.
We summarized our full proposal for DAOs in our HAL DAO Center now .

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in HAL.
As always, if you any feedback, feature request, comments… get in touch! You can find us on TwitterTelegram and Discord. Until next time! 🙏🏽

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