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HAL #14: ⛽️ ETH base fee and ⚡️Snapshot gov tools

Hey HAL fam ❤️ We are shipping exciting features. Check this out !
Don’t forget that we are hiring and we are looking for an Head of Defi.

⛽️ Ethereum’s Base Fee tracking

We are excited to announce that you can now track when Ethereum Base Fee reaches a certain threshold in Gwei… and build automations and bots on that.
Introduced by Ethereum with EIP-1559, The  is determined by the Ethereum network rather than being set by end-users looking to transact or miners seeking to validate transactions. The targets 50% full blocks and is based upon the contents of the most recent confirmed block.
Depending on how full that new block is, the  is automatically increased or decreased. For example:  
  • If the last block was exactly 50% full, the  will remain unchanged 
  • If the last block was 100% full, the  will increase by the maximum 12.5% for the next block
  • If the last block was more than 50% full but less than 100% full, the  will increase by less than 12.5%
  • If the last block was 0% full – that is, empty –  the Base fee will decrease the maximum 12.5% for the next block
  • If the last block was more than 0% full but less than 50% full, the  will decrease by less than 12.5%  

⚡️ Engage DAOs’ engagement

Are you part of a DAO team? Ever wondered how to build seamless communications over preferred channels with DAO holders and politicians to push new or ended Snapshot governance proposals?
With HAL, you can now message your holders on their preferred app - at every stage of the governance journey - no matter where they are.
In partnership with Snapshot, we’ve integrated the 2,200 Snapshot DAOs Spaces.
Want to benefit from this global reach and engage your holders? You can:
  • Integrate a link to our Snapshot recipe page so your users can autonomously open their HAL account and set up their governance alert by themselves #DYI.
  • Use your HAL account to integrate the recipe in your DAO UI for a frictionless experience, without needing custom code or rebuilt architecture. Best is to engage with us at hello@hal.xyz and we’ll make it happen 👌

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in HAL.
As always, if you have any feedback, feature request, comments… get in touch! You can find us on TwitterTelegram and Discord. Until next time! 🙏🏽

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