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HAL #15: 🚀 Seed fundraising and Aave integration

Welcome to the HAL newsletter! We have great news regarding both our product and our company.
By the way… don’t forget that we are hiring and we are looking for an Head of Defi and an Head of Marketing.

Seed fundraising

We have just raised $3M to improve Web3 automation and ease blockchain accessibility!
The round was led by CoinFund, Eden Block and Aminoca Brands with participation of Alan Howard’s, Hashkey, imToken, SkyVision, Wintermute, Gerstenbrot and several crypto angels.
“We are thrilled to support HAL and their innovative vision to simplify and democratize blockchain accessibility and workflow integrationsimplify and democratize blockchain accessibility and workflow integration,” said CoinFund Director of Research Evan Feng. “By building a platform that services both TradFi and DeFi users across varying levels of distributed ledger familiarity, HAL is executing towards their clear concept for the converging future of these two worlds.”. Read the full press release here.
HAL will use the proceeds from the financing to expand its team to 30 people and launch new industry solutions for finance and gaming industries among others, as well as secure new partnerships.

Aave integration

Last week the Aave governance voted unanimously to integrate HAL in their frontend to provide notifications about the safety of their investment positions, especially needed in these unstable days.
We are thrilled to continue supporting the Aave community! ✊
I hope you enjoyed this issue of our newsletter. As always, if you any feedback, feature request, comments… get in touch! You can find us on Twitter and Telegram 🙏🏽

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