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HAL #17: New platform alpha, New recipes and New frens 🚀

Hey HAL Fam 💖
It has been an eventful month this side. We presented the alpha version of HAL1.5 to our community, shipped two new recipes, joined the Blockchain Game Alliance and attended the Avalanche conference.
💪 HAL Alpha version
Our team shipped the alpha version of the new HAL 1.5! We are still testing and debugging. By next month you’ll be able to experience the new HAL. We have added many features - mobile compatibility and editable triggers being the top two. In case you’re curious to try out the alpha, just fill out this form.
Try HAL alpha
If you have already filled out the form, please allow us sometime to give you access to the alpha. We are inviting users in batches for the trial.
New Contracts Deployment Recipe
👀 Looking for alpha, ser?
We have a new recipe to help you stalk your favorite developer’s activity on Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC and Polygon. Just input the creator’s address and create a trigger! Get notified whenever the developer's new smart contract is deployed.
🍣 Sushiswap Limit Orders
We have added another recipe to your DeFi toolkit. Our users now have the super power of getting alerted when their Sushiswap limit orders are triggered. The recipe is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche. Be sure to try it 😊
🤖 Blockchain Game Alliance
HAL became a member of the BGA! HAL will be instrumental in enhancing the in-game experience of gamers by sending them real time information about game events. We are excited about leveraging our powerful Web3 notifications engine to improve your blockchain gaming experience. 
Also, don't forget that we are hiring Sr UX Designer and Head of DeFi and Gaming.
Warm regards 🤗
The HAL Team

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