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HAL #19: New recipes for Aave V3, OpenSea, Pancakeswap & Compound

Hey HAL Fam 💖
We are excited to bring new recipes to your web3 ecosystem! Your favorite notifications system just got richer and more nuanced 🙌 HAL can now help you track your health factor on Aave V3, floor prices of your favorite NFTs on OpenSea, tokens and orders on Pancakeswap and account liquidity on Compound.
👀 Track NFT floor prices on OpenSea
We all love those nifty NFTs! Find out the best time to buy/sell one by tracking their floor prices on OpenSea. You can set up these alerts with a few simple actions.
Track NFT floor prices
🥞 PancakeSwap Integration
We have integrated with Pancakeswap and built some recipes for you. Our recipes allow you to track when an order is filled, know when a pair is created or monitor token prices.
👻 Aave V3 Integration
HAL is now integrated with Aave V3. You can access our recipes from the Aave web UI or from the HAL app. Our recipes allow you to monitor your health factor by threshold or periodically. You can also track borrow/deposit rate.
🌊 Account Liquidity on Compound
This recipe comes handy when you need to track the liquidity of a user address with respect to a threshold (that you define).
You’ll find all our recipes - old and new ones, on the HAL app! Use it well 😉
Also, don't forget that we are hiring the Head of DeFi and Gaming.
Warm regards 🤗
The HAL Team

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