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HAL #2: First win, Twitter integration and our Kyber guide

🏆 ✌️ We won our first hackathon! 🏆 ✌️

Last time we told you we took part in the DragonQuest hackathon with rDAI... and now we’re super proud to say we won the first prize!
Victor Rortvedt @twoirtterCongratulation the hal.xyz team for winning the DragonQuest hackathon @rDAI_dao bounty! They've built a beautiful event tracker for hat creation, minting events and whatever else a dapp or user would wish to track. Congrats @emilianobonassi and team!hal.xyzHAL - Connect Ethereum to your centralized systemsDiscover more4:08 PM ∙ May 12, 202015Likes2Retweets
For those of you not familiar with it, rDai (redeemable DAI) allows you to invest your money in an interest generating pool, used for collateralized loans. You decide who benefits from the generated interest: yourself, a community fund, a charity, or a dApp you are using. For instance, ETHHub is there!
In our hack, we wired rDAI with Telegram to make it easy to use HAL to keep track of important events on rDAI with some use cases dedicated to non-profit initiatives. We explained how you can monitor the creation of rDAI pools and who joins them, in just a few clicks.
You can read our write up for the hack on our Gitbook.

Twitter Integration 🐦 🤖

We rolled out the Twitter integration for everyone to play with. This is a feature that many users requested, and we’re thrilled to find out what you’re going to build with it. 🔧
Read more on our GitBook.

More Hackathons!

Hackathons are fun, so we took part in the New York Blockchain Week hackathon as well.
This time we created the PoolTogetherBot, a Twitter integration based on HAL that tracks winners and user deposits on PoolTogether (as always, without coding)
HAL @HAL_teamProud to have just submitted our (codeless) hack for @gitcoin #NYBW Welcome @PoolTogetherBot 🤖🏊 Stay updated on key events and be notified about wins on @PoolTogether_ Here or on @telegram at t.me/PoolTogetherEv… dev.hal.xyz/use-cases/pool… #Gluers are coming 🏗️PoolTogetherBot@PoolTogetherBot🎉 Congrats 0xaae93c1d9e5b00a102846d8a71d8c14bf43b129f , you won 146.11 $DAI 🎁, this week's award! @PoolTogether_ 🥳 https://t.co/Jkn99s8bTp7:01 PM ∙ May 15, 202010Likes2Retweets
PoolTogether is a no-loss, audited savings game powered by blockchain technology, and you should definitely check it out.
PoolTogether @PoolTogether_Congrats to this week's winner! As a reminder, @bidalihq is sponsoring a $250 bonus prize for this week's and next week's winners! More details: medium.com/pooltogether/2…PoolTogetherBot@PoolTogetherBot🎉 Congrats 0xaae93c1d9e5b00a102846d8a71d8c14bf43b129f , you won 146.11 $DAI 🎁, this week's award! @PoolTogether_ 🥳 https://t.co/Jkn99s8bTp8:08 PM ∙ May 15, 202014Likes2Retweets
As always, you can read our write up for this hack on Gitbook.

Welcome, Medium

Last but not least, we officially launched our Medium profile.
Our first post is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to use HAL to connect Kyber with Telegram to get effortless real-time monitoring of the exchange rate between different assets.
You can read it here.

So that’s all for this week folks, but we can’t wait to share with you all the new stuff we’ve been working at!
Have a nice week everyone, The HAL team

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