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HAL #20: New products and recipes that you'll love 😍

Hey HAL Fam 💖
We have many exciting updates for you! We have developed a new product roadmap and announced new products at EthCC. We also have some new recipes that you’ll love using 🤩
🗼 HAL at EthCC
We announced HAL 2.0 at EthCC in Paris, 2022! Marco spoke about “Bridging multichain real-time data and centralized applications to push Web 3.0 adoption”. In the talk, we highlighted 4 major use cases of the current platform - monitoring NFT floor prices on OpenSea, monitoring DAO proposals on Snapshot, tracking Aave health factor and HAL general recipes (more on this later).
We also announced two new products - HAL Streams and HAL Pipelines! Streams will help you turn your smart contracts into APIs and Pipelines will help you create more custom automation workflows for your applications.
Here is a recording of Marco’s talk. You’ll find some alpha at 11:55 😉
We are building two exciting products, and are keen to understand your pain points for ensuring that our products meet your requirements. If you are a Web3 developer, we would love to have a chat with you. Interested in talking to us? Leave your email, and we will reach out to you 😇!
😎👌 General HAL Recipes
Here are some very cool recipes that help you track any (yes, you read it right!) contract state change, transaction or token price on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom, Avalanche, Celo, BNB chain and Gnosis chain! While we already supported this feature for Ethereum, it was extended to the other chains recently.
These recipes are independent of all dApps and can be used to monitor activity on the blockchain across all the dApps built on the chain. They are versatile and allow you to track almost everything that happens on the supported blockchains.
Here is a video where we are setting up tasks to track a smart contract on UniSwap with our general recipes!
Have fun trying out these recipes! Here is the link to the HAL app. Be sure to make the most of your 300 free triggers to sail safely through these troubled times.
Also, don't forget that we are hiring the Head of Marketing for HAL. 
Warm regards 🤗
The HAL Team

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