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HAL #3: Second win, Discord integration and the DeFi Bot Family

Welcome to the third issue of the HAL newsletter!
As always, if you want to know more about the bigger picture behind HAL have a look at our Gluing Manifesto, and don’t forget to join us on TelegramTwitter, and Discord.
This issue is jam-packed with great news, starting with...

🏆 🎉 We won our 2nd hackathon straight! 🏆 🎉

We are thrilled to announce that, after winning the DragonQuest hackathon last month, we won the Best PoolTogether Project at New York Blockchain Week too! This time we created a fully-fledged integration (Twitter + Telegram + Discord) based on HAL that tracks winners and user deposits on PoolTogether (as always, without coding). Our bot was particularly well-received, and became the official bot for PoolTogheter! We also won us some sweet 1,000 USDC 💰 You can see Emiliano’s presentation “From the train with love” at the NYBW Demo You can read our write-up for this hack on Medium.

Welcome, Discord

Discord integration is live! This was a feature we’d been asked a lot recently, so we’re happy to inform you that now you can connect HAL with your Discord server and get real-time notifications.
You can find the full documentation on Gitbook.

Even more bots 🤖 🤖 🤖

Since creating bots with HAL is so easy, we just played with the idea a bit more and released in the wild a few more cute robotic friends.


We celebrated the historic event of 20 Million dollars minted (~1500 WBTC) building WBTCBot the official mint/burn WBTC tracker


On Wed 27th May, for the Ren Protocol mainnet launch, we built renBTCBot, an easy way to track the growth of this project that in just 2 weeks has ~500k dollars of TVL.


Aave is the 3rd lending DeFi platform for TVL accordingly to DeFi Pulse. This week the protocol crossed the $100M of TVL, a great achievement in just 6 months! We built a bot to monitor Flash Loans and became the official tracker in their Discord server.

We have some amazing features we’ve been busy working on beyond bots, watch this space!
Have a nice weekend everyone, The HAL team

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