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HAL #4: Recipes and Marathon

Welcome to the fourth issue of the HAL newsletter!
What a crazy week has been! HAL v1 is finally here. We launched "Recipes", a game-changer to make Ethereum dApps easier to use. To celebrate, we released an integration with a different dApp every day for a week and the feedback of the community has been so positive that we are starting the “One recipe a day to make Ethereum easier to use” marathon with this Gitcoin grant.

Introducing Recipes

HAL is now the first 1-click IFTTT for @ethereum featuring dApp-specific integrations with webhooks, Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter and emails5:02 PM ∙ Jun 22, 202055Likes18Retweets
Recipes are newcollaborative way to create and share your favorite triggers. HAL is now the first 1-click-setup IFTTT for Ethereum, featuring dApp-specific integrations with webhooks, Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, and emails. We already support some of the most popular dApps out there and the list keeps growing:

#1 - Monday - PoolTogether

Do you want to know if you won or who won? We have a recipe to track winners of weekly and daily prizes 🏆

#2 - Tuesday - Aave

Worried about your Health Factor on Aave? We have a recipe to monitor your health factor 🌾👨‍🌾

#3 - Wednesday - Compound

Don’t risk getting liquidated on Compound. Use this recipe to track your account liquidity 🏦 👀

#4 - Thursday - Loopring

Not sure when your withdrawal will be processed? Here’s the recipe to be notified when your withdraw is executed 💳

#5 - Friday - Chainlink

Do you want to keep track of gas price? Activate a simple notification with this recipe ⛽️ 👍

#6 - Yesterday - Synthetix

Maximize your debt and avoid liquidations. Use this recipe to be notified about your C-Ratio 🌱 ⚔️
We’re going to release several new recipes over the next days, but we’d also love to hear from you which recipe you’d like to see next by filling the Typeform here :)

An unexpected bot joins the family

This one wasn’t really planned, but when Robert Leshner asked for the community to build a Twitter bot, Leighton Cusack from PoolTogether was quick to suggest HAL:

Massive growth

The tremendous work of the last few weeks has been rewarded by a marked growth across all our primary channels: so far we’ve seen:
  • +120% growth in our web users in just one week since we launched recipes
  • ~500 followers on Twitter (more than doubled since we launched recipes)
  • ~150 members on our Telegram channel

Community Highlights

Paul Razvan Berg@PaulRBergAn app that would have hundreds of Ethereum users signing up in no time: Email alerts for when gas prices fall behind some value.

Gitcoin and funding

We opened our first Gitcoin grant, and we are also starting to talk with potential investors. Feel free to reach out to the team at tech@hal.xyz!

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