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HAL #8: Bancor liquidity tracking, a grant from mStable, HF on Aave v2... and 3,000 users!

Welcome to the HAL newsletter! 🤖
Since our last newsletters in January, users on HAL skyrocketed to 3,100+ 🚀 (yes, that’s a 50%+ growth in under 3 months!) Oh, and HAL is growing! We are hiring a Frontend Lead for a HAL redesign and a Head of Business - please get in touch! But now without further ado let’s jump to…

Bancor: Pool liquidity tracking, in real time

We’ve worked with the amazing team at Bancor before, but it’s the first time we launch a recipe together and we are super excited about it! Bancor has been on 🔥 these past months, but tracking pools liquidity was a bit of a pain point, with chances to stake in popular pools such as LINK hard to seize. HAL to the rescue!
This is something the community really wanted to see, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Try it out yourself here: https://9000.hal.xyz/recipes/bancor-pool-liquidity-protocol

A generous grant from mStable

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with mStable - in fact, we are the first recipients of their new grants program 🤩
We helped them develop a set of automated Twitter bots and a broader set of automation tools that offers the community ways to seamlessly track and react to significant events happening across the mStable stack. Here’s our Metabot doing some whale tracking 🐳 👀
mStable 🧮 @mstable_We are excited to announce our partnership with the @HAL_team as our first community grant recipient. 👉🏻 Track mStable events on 9000.hal.xyz/mstable 👉🏻 Follow @mstablebot on Twitter medium.com/mstable/mstabl… https://t.co/LI0053Yb1YHAL@HAL_teamThrilled to unveil 3 new recipes built with @mstable_ 👉🏼 Track and react to mint, redeem and save events: https://t.co/cDSszmYZnR Icing on the cake, the new @mstablebot 🚀 Proud to be the first recipient of the mStable grant program to help the community grow 🙏🏽 https://t.co/UMnqwyBJQ41:41 PM ∙ Apr 16, 202111Likes3Retweets
Whereas here: https://9000.hal.xyz/mstable you’ll find a new range of Recipes built specifically for mStable, allowing the community to track mints, redemptions and Save interactions in just a few clicks.

Track your HF on Aave v2

Tracking your Health Factor on Aave is HAL’s 2nd most used recipe - ever. So no surprise that so many of you asked us to support Aave v2. Well, you ask, we listened. Try it here: https://9000.hal.xyz/recipes/aave-track-your-health-factor

Mushroom Finance 🍄

Last but not least, we had a lot of fun collaborating with Mushroom finance!
They created crypto earning vaults with focus on seeking sustainable profit in the DeFi universe and now you can track deposits and withdrawals in mVaults, on HAL, in just a few clicks! (they even wrote this amazing post about it! 🙏🏽) Try it here: https://9000.hal.xyz/mushrooms
That’s it for this issue - we have some BIG updates coming up in the next few weeks so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

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