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HAL #9: Track wallets balance, tokens transfers... and say hello to time-based triggers

Welcome to a new edition of the HAL newsletter! 🤖
Even though it’s only been ten days since our last issue (“Bancor liquidity tracking, a grant from mStable, HF on Aave v2... and 3,000 users”), we have some really cool new features we couldn’t wait to share with you :)
BTW, don’t forget that we are hiring a Frontend Lead and a Head of Business. Please share the word and get in touch at tech@hal.xyz.

Track any ERC20 token transfer (the ultimate stalking recipe ;))

Are you still using Etherscan to track your (or some else’s) wallets? There’s a better way ;)
What if you could receive an alert every time an ERC20 token is transferred to or from any wallet? And what if instead of just a generic alert you could rely on the HAL Slack/Discord/Telegram/Twitter/webhook/email combo?
We just released a recipe to set this up in 2 clicks. This is how simple it is to track any ERC20 token sent to the 0x000… address (used to burn tokens):
…and this is our Telegram bot fulfilling its duties:
You can create your own triggers here.

Time-based Triggers and Wallets Balance

We have some cool news when it comes to our core engine as well. HAL supports Transaction Triggers, Events Triggers and Contracts Triggers. All the recipes that you use and love are built on top of those basic triggers (check out our developers reference).
We recently introduced a new kind of basic trigger, called “Cron Trigger”. In a nutshell: every X time… do something (e.g. send a tweet) based on an Ethereum data source (e.g. the value of a variable in a smart contract).
The first PoC for Cron Triggers is a new recipe we released this week called “Track wallets balance”. It’s a well-known pain point for everyone who owns a wallet to monitor not just token prices in general, but specific wallets. Now you don’t have to, because HAL does it for you 😎
You choose your (any) wallet, select a time window (e.g. every day at tea time ☕️) and a timezone:
… and here are your balances, together with current USD value and daily/weekly price variations:
You can create your own balance monitor here.
I hope you enjoyed this issue of our newsletter. As always, if you any feedback, feature request, comments… get in touch! You can find us on Twitter and Telegram 🙏🏽

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