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HAL Newsletter #1

Poets, Sailors, and Cowboys... welcome to the first issue of the HAL newsletter!
Our goal here is to share with our community the challenges and the achievements of our mission, which is enabling any developer in the world to connect his centralized applications with blockchains in a couple of clicks.
If you want to know more about the bigger picture, read our Gluing Manifesto... and please tell us what you think!
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The Team is growing!

HAL’s team expanded, we have a new team member, Emiliano Bonassi.
He is the former VP of Engineering at Eidoo and co-founder of DeFi Italy, the biggest country-specific community related to Decentralized Finance. He is well-known also for sai2dai.xyz, the tool used to track Maker SAI to DAI migration and the activities on DAI BackStop Syndicate. 
Recently he launched SNX Link, a platform entirely based on Synthetix which automates tedious recurring tasks and set the autopilot to investments, in a non-custodial way leveraging delegation. Emiliano will lead the technical team and will develop relationships with the ecosystem.

Ethereum 1 - Bureaucracy 0 with ETH2SDI at ETHTurin

Last week we joined ETHTurin. We wanted to share a hack with an impact on a non-crypto large audience. We coded "Eth2SDI", a hack to help SMEs, shops, and merchants creating invoices automatically, in the SDI-XML Italian mandatory format when they receive a payment on Ethereum. You get paid, the invoice is ready!
The hack is based on HAL, you can take a look at https://github.com/HAL-xyz/eth2sdi

rDAI at MetaCartel Dragon Quest Hackathon

HAL’s team participated in this exciting hackathon and build a hack for rDAI.
rDai (redeemable DAI) allows you to invest your money in an Interest generating pool, used for collateralized loans. You decide who benefits from the generated interest: yourself, a community fund, a charity, or a dApp you are using.
We proved how it can be easy to use HAL to keep track of important events on rDAI with use cases dedicated to non-profit initiatives. We explained how you can monitor the creation of rDAI pools and who joins them, in just a few clicks.  This is relevant for those organizations which want to use this kind of information not only for internal purposes like monitoring but also to inform their community (for example on Telegram) about new supporters!

UX re-designed

We have worked to rethink the UX of our¬†application. Now you can build a new trigger from a single page. But not only. To make it even easier to create a trigger, you no longer need to be logged in. Anyone can try using HAL by building a trigger. Login will only be required at the end ūüėé.

Slack and Telegram Integration

Using HAL anyone can, in a few seconds, build triggers and receive notifications of what happened on-chain. At our launch, we had released two types of actions, mail and webhook. In recent weeks we have worked to integrate two new tools.
The first one is Slack. Using HAL you can post messages on Slack using either the official HAL Slack App (shortly will be live on the official Slack App Directory) or by providing a custom webhook if you want to use your own Slack integration.
The second is Telegram. You can wire HAL to Telegram and post messages on private chats and public chats using your bot.
You can find more details on the respective builders guides, for Slack and for Telegram.

We hope you enjoyed our first newsletter! We look forward to hearing what you think :)
The HAL Team

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