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hal Streams Wallet Monitor

The Most Efficient Way to Get Real-Time Data from Multiple Wallets 

Create categorical address lists and stream their balances and transactions as JSON through API or database connectors. Then, do magic.

hal Stream

A Power Tool for Web3.0 Builders

Lightning fast data
streamed instantly to you

Using the hal Streams Wallet Monitor, you can quickly create address lists and deploy streams of data that include historical backfilling, real-time balances, and any other state change.

hal Streams

Wallet Monitor Use Case -
Binance Reserve Wallets

If you're feeling cheeky and want to build a custom dashboard, alerting, or response system based around a Centralized Exchange Wallet List, check out our short tutorial video (coming soon). Using hal Streams Wallet Monitor you can get all the data you need lightning fast.

Wallet Monitor - Binance

Customizable Templates

Stream Data for Any Wallet List

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Track Groups of Addresses

Useful for anyone who needs to track activity for more than a single address for anything that happens on chain.

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Add New Chains to your Data Stream

Deploy more hal Streams to weave together a story of targeted address(es) across 8 different networks.

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Ingest the Data for Free

Get the data from our REST API or push a Webhook or SQS.

Wallet Monitor

Development Opportunities

What can Web3.0 builders
do with this data?

CEX Portfolio Dashboards

Group Portfolio Dashboards

Build a real-time dashboard with beautiful visualizations for you and your users.

Set up Monitor API
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Step 1 – Free to Use

Log into the hal app, get your API key, and follow the instructions to query the Binance Monitor API.

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Step 2 – Lightning Fast Streams

Automatically ingest real-time data through a REST API, Webhook, or SQS.

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Step 3 – Add What You Need

Simply duplicate the Binance Monitor API Blueprint and change the configuration to monitor other CEX wallets.

How to Start

Ready to Track
Reserve Wallets?

No-Code, Auto-Filtering Blockchain Automation

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The Filtered Blockchain Data Solution

Supported Networks


Here’s a Collection of
Addresses for You To Try

We compiled a list of top CEX reserve wallet lists. These are published by their companies. Last updated 11-28-2022.

24/7/365 Up-Time

24/7/365 Up-Time
Set it once and relax.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy
We don’t sell your data.

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Join a Movement
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