HAL meets Sablier, the protocol for real-time finance

At HAL we are big fans of Sablier, the money protocol built on Ethereum that gives you instant access to your earnings. The idea is simple yet brilliant: you set up a “stream” from Alice to Bob where X amount of $Token are going to be transferred within some date, and the money starts flowing — every second 💸
Recently we’ve been experimenting with a SaaS model where we give some of our users premium features (we’ll write more about it in some future post 😜), and we wanted to use Sablier to process recurring crypto payments. Setting up a stream is easy enough, but we really wanted to know when people start paying us. Mmmh. If only there was a simple way to set up an alert every time somebody opens a stream with us… 😎

Introducing two new recipes for Sablier

Today we’re excited to roll out two new recipes that allow you to take control on your finances when using Sablier; you can find them here: https://9000.hal.xyz/sablier

Want to know when somebody starts paying you?

  1. Click on the “Monitor Stream Creation” recipe
  2. Insert your address in the “recipient” field
  3. Profit 💯

Want to monitor stream updates, such as withdrawals and cancellations?

  1. Click on the “Monitor a Stream” recipe
  2. Insert the stream id you want to monitor
  3. Profit 🔥
This is what the default template for new stream creations looks like, once I connected a trigger to my faithful Telegram bot:

Where to go from here

We’re constantly adding new recipes to HAL, and we’d also love to hear from you which one you’d like to see next. Give us a shout on Twitter or Telegram.
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