Recipe #10: Track Token Purchases and Pools Creation on Uniswap 🦄

Since we launched Recipes, we’ve been restlessly integrating HAL with some of the best dApps out there. Today we’re thrilled to launch a couple of long due recipes for one of our favorite dApp: Uniswap 🦄 ✨

Track Token Purchases

Head over to and select “Track Token Purchases”
The only mandatory field is the Uniswap Pair. For example, if you want to track when a certain address buys more than 1,000 DAI on the DAI-WETH exchange, you can easily do so by selecting the exchange (there’s a nice search form), the token you want to track (in this case, DAI), and filling the “amount” and “user address” fields:
While you’re busy setting up your trigger, HAL will automatically customize an example template with some relevant data you might want to use:
In this example, my Slack notification will look something like this:
Note that the “amount” and the “user address” fields are optional, which allows for a few interesting use cases. Interested in tracking whale transactions of any specific token? Just leave the user address field empty. Do you want to track every token purchase from a specific address? 👀 Just fill in the “user address” and leave the “amount” field empty 💸 🕵🏻‍♀️

Track Pools Creation

Since we’re talking about pools, we thought we’d squeeze in another little recipe to help out with a common use case: monitor pools creation and be the first one to know when your favorite token is listed on Uniswap 🥇
How? Head over to and select “Track Token Purchases”
All you need to do is provide the address for the token you want to track. Alternatively, you can leave it empty and be notified every time a new pool is added to Uniswap 👀

…but wait, can I do…?

Obviously there’s so much more you might want to track on Uniswap and this is just the beginning. If you’re feeling adventurous and know a little bit about how Uniswap works, you can create a custom trigger from scratch using HAL and one of our “basic” triggers, like a “Watch a Transaction”trigger to achieve just about anything! And if you get stuck and need help, just give us a shout on our Telegram channel! 💪

Where to go from here

We’re constantly adding new recipes to HAL, and we’d also love to hear from you which one you’d like to see next. Give us a shout on Twitter or Telegram.
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