Tutorial: How to set up HAL Snapshot plugin

HAL makes it simple for DAOs to monitor and build automated workflows based on governance data. If you are the admin of a Space on Snapshot, you can add the HAL plugin to alert DAO members about new and ended Proposals on Snapshot.

1- Go to your Space on Snapshot

Ensure you have permissions to add new plugins or reach out to Space admins of the community.

2- Add HAL module

On your space page, go to the ‘Settings’ menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Add Plugin’. Then search for the ‘HAL Module’ and click it.
No need for additional settings on this step, leave it as is and click ‘Add’.
Go to the top of the page and click ‘Save’. You’ll receive a message indicating that all changes have been successfully saved.

3- Create a new proposal

When you create a new Proposal, the HAL plugin does not automatically appear in the proposal writing page. But it’s activated.
Once the Proposal has been published, Snapshot DAO admins and members will see the HAL Snapshot Track Proposal module in the third module position in the right column.

4- You’re ready to go !

Success! Once your space and HAL are linked, all your DAO members will be able to be notified for new and ended proposals on Snapshot.
DAO members are just 1-click away of free notifications for new and ended proposals and you can now start engage them with easily customizable governance experiences.


Here is an alert email received for a New Proposal from our Sushi frens, among the most active DAO on Snapshot.


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