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Two months ago HAL took a big step forward by launching the recipes.
Introducing RecipesToday we’re excited to roll out HAL v1, which makes it easier and more fun to create automations thanks to the…medium.com
What are the Recipes? They are simple tools to connect users and Defi. Using HAL anyone can keep track of the most critical parameters for the management of their activities (liquidation, c-ratio, etc.) by being notified through tools such as Telegram, Twitter, Email, Discord, Slack, etc. at the most appropriate time!
The recipes have allowed HAL to have new visibility within the community, allowing us to interact with CompoundChainlinkAAVELoopringPooltogetherSynthtetix and Maker. And others are to come!
This is why we can’t wait to tell you about the new step forward we have made!

📰 News! News! News!

HAL now becomes, even more, the glue between on-chain and off-chain with the first on-chain recipe :) Thanks to the friends of Gelato Network, HAL becomes capable of acting on-chain!
HAL.xyz + Gelato Network = ❤️️️️
In recent weeks we have worked with the Gelato Network team to build the scaffolding capable of allowing HAL to execute on-chain actions. The game is simple: set the parameters, wait for the trigger to fire, and voila, the action is performed on-chain.
The first on-chain recipe we built is an accumulation plan for the CHI token.


Et voilà 🎉

But hey, what is a CHI token? 🧐

Well, let’s say it: a user can use CHI accumulator to reduce their trading costs or Synthetix claims on venues they already use. In practice, buying a CHI token at a low gas price today will allow you to use this gas for future transactions! ⛽️😍
1inch is one of the most used DEX with easy CHI burning support, so we leave them the word:

The new recipe! 🍜

What can you do? You can delegate the purchase of CHI tokens with three clicks and safely by sending them directly to your wallet! And of course, don’t forget the touch of HAL: every time a purchase is made, you can be notified through our actions.
The new on-chain trigger
Okay, but how can you make this recipe? It’s simple, we’ve already said it, haven’t we?
First of all, what do you need?
Just a Metamask wallet (did you notice? You can now also sign up or log in with Metamask)! And that’s it, we’ll do the rest for you!

💻 How does it work?

Here are the simple steps:
  1. If it is not already connected, connect your wallet and create a Gelato Account (a Gnosis Safe wallet)!
  2. Create your on-chain trigger by choosing the threshold below which to buy your CHI tokens
  3. Use HAL to be notified with your favourite channel. Choose an action and create the off-chain trigger
And that’s it!
Whenever you want to stop or modify your trigger on-chain, go back to the page for creating the trigger, cancel it or modify it!

That’s one small step for the community, one giant leap for HAL

If you believed they put HAL on the moon, HAL on the moon
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