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Christopher Kocurek

November 4, 2022

The Easiest Way to Get Blockchain Data for Software Engineers

Software Engineers who need to get blockchain data can use hal Streams to query and filter event-based information in minutes with no code.

The Easiest Way to Get Blockchain Data For Software Engineers

Table of Contents

1. The Importance of Blockchain Data
2. The Difficulty of Getting Started with Blockchain Data
3. Why Software Engineers Need a Blockchain Data API
4. How hal Streams makes it easy to get started with blockchain data
5. The benefits of using hal Streams for software engineers
6. How hal Streams can help you build better Web3 applications
7. How to Get Blockchain Data with hal Streams
8. Build What Matters in Web3
Digital art of blocks containing data.

1. The Importance of Blockchain Data

There is a lot of hype around blockchain technology and for good reason. The potential to revolutionize the way we do business is huge beyond trading on the bitcoin network. Its potential uses are far-reaching, and the industry is still nascent. Here are a few ways in which the blockchain could change the way businesses operate:

Blockchain Innovation Opportunities

  1. Create a more efficient and secure supply chain.
  2. Streamline financial transactions.
  3. Create decentralized applications (dapps).
  4. Securely store data.
  5. Track assets and ownership.
  6. Voting or governance purposes

The Data is Required, but Getting it is Time-Consuming

In order to take advantage of all that blockchain has to offer, we need to be able to use it effectively. And in order to do that, we need access to accurate and timely blockchain data. Unfortunately, getting your hands on that data can be difficult and expensive.
hal Streams is changing all that. With hal Streams, you can get filtered on-chain data quickly and easily. hal Streams makes it easy for software engineers to retrieve on-chain data from new blocks and historical transactions into their applications
It's hard to get the blockchain data you need easily.

2. The Difficulty of Getting Started with Blockchain Data

It can be difficult for software engineers to get web3 data. The time or money required to do this could be used to develop more valuable product features that actually drive the adoption of your application; not to mention, once you get it you have to store blockchain data.

Nodes and Node Service Providers May Not Be Your Ideal Solution

Node service providers charge high prices. The other option is to set up your own validation node, but that is expensive and slow. When you get blockchain data from these sources, you're receiving raw block data as unfiltered JSON and then you have to create custom filters to manage.
Blockchain explorers (etherscan.com) are built to be used as forward-facing online explorers more than a solution to get information on all the transactions you care about.
As a result, it can be difficult for engineers to do analysis on blockchain transactions without a custom solution being implemented.
APIs connecting blockchain data to other infrastructure.

3. Why Software Engineers Need a Blockchain API

A blockchain API allows users to communicate with a blockchain node or client network without running a node or paying for a node provider. Blockchain APIs facilitate secure cryptocurrency transactions on exchanges and smart contract interactions for decentralized finance (DeFi).
How Blockchain APIs Are Used Today
  1. Crypto companies need blockchain data. relies on multiple APIs to gather price feeds from exchanges. Some of these are decentralized exchanges and so the website needs to retrieve on-chain data.
  2. People find value in monitoring for large-scale Bitcoin transactions as a way to help predict market-making moves before they happen.
  3. Crypto Accounting businesses sell the service of providing blockchain analytics relevant to their end user. They need to pull all of the data relevant to a client’s addresses, with a timestamp, and create reports on their trading.
Blockchain APIs Come in Many Forms
There are dozens of different blockchain APIs. Many of them require custom coding, or come with an extremely high price tag. This creates a painful barrier to entry for small Web3 companies and individual developers who are just getting started.
Hal Streams is Web3's easiest and most versatile blockchain API.

4. hal Streams - the Easiest API for Blockchain Development

hal Streams makes it easy for software engineers to get blockchain data into their applications, so they can take advantage of everything this revolutionary technology has to offer. hal Streams' no-code interface makes it easy for engineers to get started, and the data available through hal Streams is always up-to-date and accurate. This makes it easy for engineers to build better Web3 applications that take advantage of blockchain implementation.
Built for individual builders and larger teams, the beauty of hal Streams is that it completely removes the need to work with a node service provider, run your own node, or built a custom query and filter solution. We have streamlined the process and from our no-code interface, you can get blockchain data you care about programmatically from a REST API.

5. The benefits of using hal Streams for software engineers

hal Streams is the industry-leading solution to retrieve block data from an API. Hal Streams provides the easiest user interface with rich customization options. Here are a few of the benefits developers enjoy when they use hal Streams to get blockchain data.
Hal Streams User Interface is easy and requires no code.
  1. No-Code Solution to Retrieve Data
hal Streams makes it easy to get blockchain data without having to write any code. Simply choose your event from a drop-down menu and hal Streams will take care of the rest.
Blocks on the chain go back to genesis.
2. Event-Based Data and Historical Data
hal Streams gives you automatic, event-based data and also offers historical data queries.
Set your filters in the hal Streams UI.
3. The Most Powerful Filtering on Parameters and Values
One of the benefits of hal Streams is that developers can get blockchain data and automatically filter it based on parameter values. This allows them to get only the data they need, which makes it easier to develop applications. 
Some services may provide you the ability to expose data relevant to a particular function on a smart contract, but as you know that function will have many calls you don’t care about. Inside hal Streams, when you choose the function you want to monitor, you can also specify the parameter(s) and values that you care about. The level of customization is so powerful and easy to set up you simply have to try it out.
4. Time Savings
Web3 development needs to happen fast in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are available. Setting up hal Streams only takes minutes, while other alternatives could take weeks.
Time is money. Save both when you use hal Streams.
5. Save Money While Building Your Blockchain Technology
Money is tight in the bear market, making it difficult for businesses to get funding. As a result, many startups are struggling. It's never been more important to have operational efficiency and protect your capital. hal Streams is free to use, making it an attractive option if you need to get blockchain data without adding to the bill.

6. How hal Streams Helps You Build Better Web3 Applications

Despite the huge potential of web3, its user adoption has been slow. Because of this, it's important that your Web3 product is high-quality and easy to use. That means that you need to spend your time developing features that help people.

The need to get blockchain data is urgent

That's why you need to stay ahead of the curve on your system to get blockchain data. Web3 products need blockchain data to function. Automation can only execute when you have access to the necessary data. hal Streams makes it easy to get this data so that you can focus on building better applications.
Solve your needs to retrieve on-chain data with hal Streams.

7. How to Get Blockchain Data with hal Streams

We've talked a lot about how to get blockchain data and the main challenges software engineers face to create automation for applications. If you've read this far, you understand that hal Streams is an industry-leading solution that helps you get blockchain data that is pre-filtered, in minutes, without writing a single line of code. So, how do you actually try this incredible tool and see if it's right for you?
Sign up today. All you need is an email!

What You Need

All that's required to try hal Streams is a good email address. and you can register your new account. Since this tool is free-to-use, no credit card is required to get started. LFG!

A Basic Test Idea

If you have a burning need to get blockchain data for a specific reason, that's great! Using our no-code interface you should be able to specify exactly what you need.
Otherwise, if you're a developer who is generally interested in hal Streams, it's fun to set up a use case that's personal to you. You can also visit our tutorials page in the docs to get inspired with a few things to set up.

Deploy a Blueprint and Start Streaming

Now that you're in the app and getting familiar, go ahead and deploy a Blueprint. Blueprints are templates saved to your account that make it easy to re-use logic that you've set up for previous use-cases.

Consume the Streamed Data from the REST API

Finally, once you've set up a hal Stream to get blockchain data relevant to your Web3 application, you need to ingest the data. Inside the app, you'll find information on how to do this.

Need some Help?

We have a YouTube video of how to set up your first Hal Stream. You can also join our or and our responsive team is here to help you!

hal Streams helps Web3 Developers Build What Matters

hal Streams helps Web3 engineers build what matters by making it easy for them to get blockchain data in minutes without writing any code. Web3 engineers need to get blockchain data to build decentralized applications that are secure, reliable, and efficient.

Work Smarter, not Harder

The bear market has caused a lot of web3 companies to struggle, as they are unable to raise the money they need to continue operations. In order to save time and money, these companies need to find ways to reduce costs and optimize their workflows. hal Streams can help them do both of those things.
Hal Streams is a tool designed to help individuals and teams alike. Our mission is to make it easier to get blockchain data in a way that is useful. It's not exciting to build a custom solution to fetch and filter raw JSON from a node - if you agree with that, then hal Streams is the tool for you.

Who will find hal Streams beneficial?

  • Engineers who are new to Web3 save time with our no-code interface that removes a lot of friction around rote processes.
  • Small development teams can solve routine implementations of processes that get blockchain data, offering a valuable alternative to something like The Graph.
  • hal Streams can help power large-scale enterprises who are looking to build their first beachhead in the world of Web3.

hal Streams is the industry-leading solution

Offering the easiest user interface with rich customization options. Using hal Streams, you can simplify Smart Contract Listening with our no-code interface. Choose your event from the drop-down menu that displays your target contract's function list. No more copy-pasting code or keeping notes about all the different calls you need to set up. Design a Blueprint in minutes that can be redeployed for every address you want to.
So if you're a software engineer who wants to take advantage of everything that the blockchain has to offer, hal Streams is definitely the API for you!
It's a great time to get familiar with hal Streams. Sign up for your account and get started today and the hal team will give you a free account upgrade for 3 months!

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