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Manlio Poltronieri

Manlio Poltronieri

June 23, 2020

The Yield Farmer Toolbox: Monitor your HF on Aave đŸ‘»

Yesterday we unveiled HAL v1, which makes it easier and more fun to create automation thanks to Recipesnewcollaborative way to create and shareyour favorite triggers.

Hal Farmer

Yesterday we unveiled HAL v1, which makes it easier and more fun to create automation thanks to Recipes: a new, collaborative way to create and shareyour favorite triggers.
Today we are releasing a recipe to help yield farmers not to get liquidated and maximize their yield.

Track your Aave health factor

Continuously monitoring your health factor is such a common task for the yield farmer we decided to make a recipe out of it. To get started, head over to https://9000.hal.xyz/recipes/aave-track-your-health-factor.
Insert your address, and optionally set your threshold. Most farmers use 2, and that’s what the farmers trade union recommends đŸ‘šđŸ»â€đŸŒŸ 👍.
Once you filled those, you can go straight to the action bit. In this example, John the farmer wants to receive an old plain email, so he toggles the “send an email” button (but more platforms are also available).
The pre-filled message already has everything you need in it. If you want to tweak it using our template system, you’ll find the documentation on our Gitbook.
Click the “create” button and you’re set!
Email was just an example — you can connect as many actions you want to your new trigger. We support webhooks, Email, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or Slack — and soon, on-chain actions as well!
Johnny the farmer, happy since using HAL
Happy yield farming, John

What’s next

Yesterday it was PoolTogether. Today, Aave. Watch this space for new recipes coming soon and tell us what else you want to see on HAL next!

Where to go from here

We’re going to release several new recipes over the next days, but we’d also love to hear from you which recipe you’d like to see next by filling the Typeform here.
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