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HAL#16:🔥 ETHDenver| Avalanche Integration | Cointelegraph 🚀

Hey HAL Fam 💖
Exciting news: We added Avalanche chain to our repertoire, wowed the crypto folks at EthDenver, and were featured in Cointelegraph and DefiSlate.
HAL at ETHDenver 😎
We were at the Bleeding Edge Summit with @AaveGrants. We gave a demo of HAL’s integration with the Aave web UI 💪. Aave users can now connect to HAL directly from the dApp UI!
Integration with Avalanche 🚀
HAL is now compatible with FIVE blockchains! After much testing, we have taken HAL's integration with Avalanche live. We provide on-chain monitoring and automated workflows for favorite Avalanche dApps. We have over 15 recipes to help Avalanche users query and automate their blockchain data.
Cointelegraph 🤩
HAL was featured in Cointelegraph recently! We discussed how HAL helps keep crypto assets secure during a bear market. There is a special mention of HAL wallet monitor - a recipe that allows users to be notified of suspicious DeFi activity across wallet addresses.
Defislate 🧑🏼‍🎤
We discussed multiple use cases for HAL - for individuals and businesses, with DefiSlate. The most important value proposition for a retail trader remains HAL’s push notifications - the power to stay informed of blockchain events in real-time. A close second is the highest number of dApps supported in the industry 🤹🏼. For DAOs, HAL’s push notifications are crucial for increasing community engagement.
We hope you were thrilled by the new developments at HAL. We will continue to share exciting updates in our newsletter. As always, if you have any feedback, feature requests, comments… get in touch! You can find us on TwitterTelegram, and Discord.
Also, don't forget that we are hiring Head of Defi and Head of Marketing!
Until next time! 🙏🏽
The HAL Team

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