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HAL #6: HAL Premium, Uniswap & Sablier recipes, Community Survey

Welcome to the HAL newsletter! 🤖
In the past few weeks we’ve been working on some new exciting stuff and we listened to the great feedback from the community on Telegram and Twitter to understand what do you most want for the future of HAL. Here’s what’s new... 👇🏼

New integrations: Sablier & Uniswap

We rolled out recipes for two new platforms.

Sablier 💸

Sablier is the protocol for real-time finance that allows you to stream money in real time, on Ethereum. At HAL we started using it to pilot our “HAL Premium” packages (more on that later!) and process recurring crypto payments. Setting up a stream is easy enough, but we really wanted to know when people start paying us. Mmmh. If only there was a simple way to set up an alert every time somebody creates a stream with us… 😎
Thanks to two new HAL recipes you can:
  • track new streams
  • get notified when you make or receive payments
Find out more here: https://9000.hal.xyz/sablier

Uniswap 🦄

Uniswap doesn’t need any introduction. So many of you asked us for recipes for Uniswap, so here are the first three: (link: https://9000.hal.xyz/uniswap):
  • Track token prices in real time (tell me when I can swap token X for token Y at Z price)
  • Track token purchases (tell me when somebody trades X amount of Y tokens)
  • Track pair creation (tell me every time a new pool is created, or a specific token is listed on Uniswap)

Community Survey

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a survey to hear from you how we can keep improving HAL. The response has been fantastic, and we wanted to thank all of you who participated in shaping our roadmap. It was particularly interesting to see what you most want. In a nutshell: more recipes, and even more powerful triggers 💪🏽

Which features would you like to see on HAL?

That’s how you answered:

How much would you pay for HAL?

The average price our community said they were willing to pay is $24/month.

🔥 HAL Premium: a sneak preview 🔥

When we first launched HAL we decided to adopt a relaxed freemium model where we were giving away the first 1,000 matches every month (as in your triggers can fire up to a 1,000 times). This made sense -- we wanted to give you plenty of room to experiment with HAL and create workflows and automations, while minimizing the risk of spam.
In the past months, many of you reached their monthly cap and we worked with you to understand your needs and offer tailor made solutions. We are now almost ready to give all our users as many matches as they need to power their businesses!
Here is an anticipation of what we’re going to launch in January 2021:
  • Our free tier will change from 1,000 monthly matches to 300 monthly matches
  • We will launch HAL Premium plans: anybody will be able to do more matches buying a subscription and paying with fiat or crypto
Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!
The HAL team

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